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The artist Giovanni Demetz was born in Ortisei/Val Gardena, where he still lives. It is a renowned tourist resort in the heart of the Dolomites, well known also for the Alpine Ski World Cup downhill race "Saslong" and the "Gardenissima" - the world's longest Giant Slalom race. The South Tyrolean tradition of art, handicraft and wood-carving has been handed down to
Giovanni Demetz by his grandfather, who possessed an extraordinary drawing skill and by his grandmother, who was an excellent wood-carver of crucifixes. In his youth, the Ladin wood-carver specialized in sacred art together with his brother Heinrich Demetz. Sacred art is an important segment of the local wood-carving tradition. The experience gathered in this field allowed him to become a member of the Unika artists group. Said membership has given him the possibility to become personally acquainted with artists such as Aron Demetz, Ivan Lardschneider, Willy Verginer, Gerhard Demetz, Andrea Perathoner and Peter Demetz, who introduced him into the world of modern and contemporary art. He started creating wood-carvings combining different materials such as wood and wax, iron, stone, bronze, gold, pigment and different types of colours. If you are interested in art and would like to see the wood-carvings made by Giovanni D., please click on the five icons or style lines above.

Giovanni Demetz - Via Mureda 168 - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) Italy -Tel.: +39 0471 79 82 48 - +39 335 573 55 30 - E-mail: info@giovannidemetz.com
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