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Profane, sacred and symbolic representations on a foundation of Norway spruce wood, which has been exposed to the inclemency of the weather for more than 100 years. In these artworks Demetz tries to underline the contrast between the almost white colour of linden wood and the dark foundation, between the smooth skin of the represented figures and the rough surface of Norway spruce wood, between the contemporaneity of the sculpture and the "old-looking" background made of wood deteriorated over the time and burnt by the sun. Despite all these contrasts, the artwork on the whole remains homogenous and uniform.
Sculptor Giovanni Demetz
Via Mureda 168 - I-39046 Ortisei (BZ)
Tel.: +39 0471 79 82 48
Cel.: +39 335 573 55 30
E-mail: info@giovannidemetz.com